Social Mixer Cruises

Experience downtown from the Alabama River and you can see a whole new Montgomery. Grab your friends and some drinks and we’ll show you the best excursion on the water. Sip-n-Cycle Pedal Cruises have a Master Captain to navigate the waterway and a first mate, all you need to do is sip, cycle, sip, cycle, repeat.

Sip-n-Cycle seats up to 20 passengers with 12 pedal stations, (No guarantee of pedal station on public tours)

IMPORTANT: Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your cruise. Unpredictable factors like traffic, trains, and car services might delay you, so ensure you don’t miss the boat. Please note that there are no refunds for missed cruises.
Please consider booking a private charter, the benefit of booking the whole boat as a private allows us to wait for your group if you are running late.  

Due to our insurance policy, passengers over 275 pounds will not be permitted aboard the vessel.  

Private Cruise

The Party Planners dream is right here. Are you throwing a bachelor/bachelorette party, celebrating a birthday, planning a family reunion, organizing a corporate team building event or just pulling your crew together, Sip-n-Cycle Pedal Cruise allows you to customize your private tour for a one-of-a-kind experience.

This total equals out to:

$40 per person on a full boat of 20
$45 per person on a full boat of 18

For the safety of all guests and in consideration of the boat’s total weight capacity, kindly provide the combined weight of your party. Each passenger must adhere to the 275-pound weight limit, ensuring that the total weight of all guests in your private party remains under the maximum capacity of 4500 lbs. Your cooperation ensures a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone on board

cancelation policy


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